Dan Britt Drum Clinic Video Timeline Continued

School, Music Store & Drum Festival Video Event Timeline from 2002-2009
(Not All of The Events VideoTaped)

Drum Clinic Topics Included: Moeller Technique, Free Stroke Technique, Finger Technique, Ambidexterity, Injury Prevention, Encouragement, Drum History, Jim Chapin, Louie Bellson, NARD (National Association of Rudimental Drummers), Joe Morello, Dom Famularo, Peace Leader Ilchi Lee, Motivation, Lefty-Lead Grooves, Lefty Foot Lead Grooves, Rudiments, Swiss Army Triplets, Paradiddles & Inversions, Linear Grooves, Power of Drumming, Classic Drum Intros, Triplets, John Bonham, Helicopter Techniques, Stick Tricks, Mike Clark, Double Bass, Hand/Foot Development

School Clinic Summary Video

Cresskill High School, Cresskill, NJ

Benefits of Recording Yourself

Demonstrating the Helicopter on Snare Drum

Speaking of The Power of Music & Ilchi Lee

Applying the Helicopter Technique to the Drumset

Swiss Army Triplets

Paradiddles and Paradiddle Inversions

Linear Funk Drumming Improv

Speaking about Jazz/Funk Great Mike Clark and Developing Tools/Techniques

Playing an Odd-Time Progression made up of 7/8, 10/8, 3/4, 4/4, Double Time, etc inspired by Alan White's drum part on the YES song "Changes" from the 90125 album

Speaking about Practice Time


Teaching Flams

Encouragement to Check out The Modern Drummer Festival

New York's 1st Sam Ash Drum Summit

Saying Hello

Doing a Pad Solo

Connecticut's 1st Sam Ash Drum Summit

Saying Hello

Improv on the Drums

Cape Breton International Drum Festival, Nova Scotia, Canada

Playing drum intro beats of Aerosmith ("Walk This Way"), U2 ("Sunday Bloody Sunday"), Spin Doctors ("Two Princes") & Led Zeppelin/John Bonham ("When The Levee Breaks") in the "Name that Tune/Beat" portion of the event:

Check out this page on the making of "When The Levee Breaks" drum sound. Here is a drum transcription for "When The Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin Also check out a page for Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" intro!

Introduction, Pad Solo & Speaking on the communal aspect of the drum world:

Speaking about the influence of Mike Clark & Dom Famularo who also played at CB Drum Fest. Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock) was a pioneer in the style of linear drumming & Dom Famularo is known as The Drumming Global Ambassador & a Top Motivator/Educator:

Performing Linear-Based Grooves (One-Limb at a Time) & Half-Time Feels:

Performing some Right-Hand & Left-Hand Lead Helicopter-Based Beats:

Sam Ash New York City (Midtown Manhattan)

Speaking about The Development of Hand Technique

Soloing Clips

Helicopter and Backsticking Clip

Playing Octobans for the first time!

On Drum History

Linear Funk Cowbell Groove

Some Helicopter