Dan Britt Drum Clinic Video Timeline

School, Music Store & Drum Festival Video Event Timeline from 2002-2009
(Not All of The Events VideoTaped)

Drum Clinic Topics Included:

Moeller Technique, Free Stroke Technique, Finger Technique, Ambidexterity, Injury Prevention, Encouragement, Drum History, Jim Chapin, Louie Bellson; Discipline, Dedication & Practice; NARD (National Association of Rudimental Drummers), Joe Morello, Dom Famularo, Peace Leader Ilchi Lee, Motivation, Lefty-Lead Grooves, Lefty Foot Lead Grooves, Rudiments, Swiss Army Triplets, Paradiddles & Inversions, Linear Grooves, Power of Drumming, Classic Drum Intros, Triplets, John Bonham, Helicopter Techniques, Stick Tricks, Mike Clark, Double Bass, Hand/Foot Development, Jumping In the "Water"!, Right Foot Cowbell, Copy Cat between Hands & Feet, Keep Music in Your World, Inspiring American Writers, Lance Armstrong, Leonardo DaVinci, Church Drumming, Applying, Flam Rudiments to Groove, etc, and Any Topics That are Requested in The Moment. Visual Tricks, Odd-Time Progressions, Practice Time, Basic Beats & Notation

Drumopedia, a 23 Chapter, beginner drum book is ready!

Alpha School, NJ

Inspiration & Encouragement

Discipline, Dedication & Practice

Jumping In

Nature v. Nurture

Interactive Encouragement

Injury Prevention

Snare Solo


Right Foot Cowbell Improv

CopyCat Between Hands and Feet

NJMEA (New Jersey Music Educator's Association) State Conference

Moeller Technique & History

Dan Britt Teaches The Drumming Moeller Method - The best bloopers are here

Selzer School Auditorium, Dumont NJ

Keep Some Music in Your World Message

Sam Ash Huntington Station, NY (March 2008)

Speaking about The Transcendentalist American Writers Philosophies

Name That Tune

Solo Clips

On Open-Handed Playing, Ambidexterity & Leonardo DaVinci Book

On The Power of Drumming

16th Note Left Foot Lead Beats

Snare Solo

Sam Ash Long Island, NY (May 2008)

Influences & Experience as a Church Drummer as a Teen

Summary of the Clinic

Speaking about first concert experience

Solo Clips

Name That Tune

Speaking about Lance Armstrong & His Book

Developing Lefty-Lead Grooves

Applying Flam Rudiments to Grooves

Given Away Prizes

Selzer School, Dumont NJ

Clinic Summary

Speaking about the influence of Led Zeppelin and John Bonham

Hand Technique Solo

Dan Britt Drum Clinic Video Timeline Part 2