Drum Lessons with Dan Britt
New Jersey Drum Teacher


Reasons to Study Drums with Dan

1. Flexibility, Affordability, Encouragement, Purpose. Reward. Drum Lesson Benefits Printable Flyer (PDF File)

1(b). The Customer comes First. Dan completed customer service workshops run by Integrity Systems, Inc., an international training company, focused on providing ethical, values-driven development strategies, led by well-known author, Ron Willingham.

1(c). His degree and research in psychology allow him to understand and tap into the motivation and most effective learning processes for each student.

1(d). An interdisciplinary approach is available: Academics mixed with Drums - each discipline enhancing the other, while enabling a more fun academic learning experience. Visit NewJerseyTutor.net for more information!

2. Dan has studied (and continues to study) with some of the world's best drummers to include Dom Famularo, Joe Morello and Jim Chapin.

3. Dan has played drums in many environments and styles: Church, Corps (Marching), Classical, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Latin, etc.

4. Dan was one of three drum teachers worldwide to be in bestselling parenting author, Stacy DeBroff's book Sign Me Up!: The Parent's Guide to Sports, Activities, Music Lessons, Dance Classes, and Other Extracurriculars. Besides being directly quoted, Dan's content makes up some of the percussion chapter to assist parents. In obtaining a psychology degree, Dan has studied significant elements pertaining to learning, including human behavior, memory and motivation.

5. Each and Every Student is welcome to borrow from a full library of Self-Development Books.

6. Dan is the percussion consultant for the local schools in which he is also a certified substitute teacher. He has given drum seminars at several schools in numerous towns.

7. Dan was trained in the learning principles of Lindamood-Bell, a highly effective, research-driven approach to teaching. While not using these techniques directly, his past experience in tutoring at the learning center enhances the quality of his teaching.

8. He has testimonials from top drummers on the 3 Instructional Drumming CD's he's produced.

9. Dan was a presenter/clinician at The New Jersey Music Educators Association Conferences in 2003 and 2004.

10. According to Alexa.com, an Amazon.com company, Dan has the most visited website in the category of "Percussionist" and Top 5 in the category of "Percussion".

11. Dan loves teaching and it's his first priority within all of his drum pursuits -- he takes his teaching responsibility very seriously, dedicated to the growth of each and every student.

12. Dan has been a regular on The Drum Radio Show for 2 years with many drumming greats, and has been published in several magazines to include Modern Drummer.

"I can not help but to smile when I first watch a student who has learned the necessary coordination that keeps a beat going -- a groove that will move people to dance. That is totally rewarding!! It's about finding the best path in assisting the student to maximum growth. And, for the student, it's about always having something in life to look forward to, to be happy about, and feel self-confident about having a skill. Drumming is therapeutic - and is an expressive outlet that coordinates the physical, mental, emotional (and sometimes spiritual) aspects of a person." - Dan

E-mail Dan or call (201) 306-4239 for information on setting up a drum lesson in Dumont, NJ. Many travel a good distance for the lessons; for those traveling far, appointments can be set up that are longer and less frequent. Governed by a patient and flexible teaching approach, lessons are customized to the age, level and objectives of the individual. Students also have the opportunity to readily apply the skills learned since Dan is contacted frequently by bands in need of drummers.

Contact Dan to set up a lesson.