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We are now in an age where so many more people have the opportunity to write/publish a book and have it sold. With the rise of technology and internet sites, publishing a book is much more easily a reality. As the author of Drumopedia (co-author actually - Shahmir [a Harvard professor] did the technical side of it), which has sold very well, I would like to assist you with the process of getting YOUR BOOK completed, covered, visible for sale, and sold on the internet! I had to learn many new things, go through a lot of uncertainty - but it got done! And now I have the knowledge to help you achieve your goal or dream of self-publishing your book. There will be several steps, from assisting you with the set-up, cover, acquiring an ISBN, internet distribution, marketing, advertising, to implementing strategies for sales! As someone who was the editor of a book by Cherry Lane/BMG, I can also help with the editing if needed. We can do this in person, or through Skype and/or e-mail tutoring. Email me at or call me at (201) 306-4239 to get rates and get your dream started!

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His [Dan's] book is a must for the forward thinking drummer" - Mike Clark (Drumming Innovator/Great, Herbie Hancock)

"One of the best, most useful and well-written drum instruction books I've seen in years...a worthy must" Rick Corwin - 35 Year Veteran/Vic Firth Team Drum Educator

"THE best and most user friendly book for the beginning drummer! Awesome! :-) " - Linda McDonald, Award-Winning Drummer of The Iron Maidens

"DrumOpedia by Dan Britt is one of those books that fall into the category 'Drum Books That Are A Must.'" - Lou Gervey, Sam Ash Manager

"Drumopedia is definitely one of the number one drum books for the beginning drummer!! Awesome!!" - Joel Fortin - Drum Educator, Quebec, Canada

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Buy Drumopedia on Amazon!