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Beginner Drum & Drum Set Book - Drumopedia: A Handbook for Beginning Drumset by Dan Britt

Increasing Your Vocabulary, Reading & Spelling Via A Fun Drum Book for Beginners!

Drum Book for Beginners Drumopedia

When I was a kid, I often did not pay attention to something unless I really liked the topic. Reading drum books helped me learn new words and concepts. I eventually studied part of the dictionary when I finally got in to academics. Then I read tons of books and wrote tons of papers at TCNJ as a psychology major. The Drumopedia has a lot of reading and text in it with tons of vocabulary words. It is my hope that kids will also enhance their vocabulary with the Drumopedia. Here are just some of the words in the book:

Conditioning, Alignment, Groundwork, Unison, Quasi- (as a prefix), Multitude, Affording, Independence, Optimize, Coordination, Incremental, Neural, Preliminary, Visualization, Ratio, Maximize, Distinct, Sustained, Denote, Crevice, Equidistant, Aligns, Reinforce, Optimal, Applications, Permutations, Omit, Superimpose, Hitherto, Hybrid, Subdivisions

Drum Book

His [Dan's] book is a must for the forward thinking drummer" - Mike Clark (Drumming Innovator/Great, Herbie Hancock)

"One of the best, most useful and well-written drum instruction books I've seen in years...a worthy must" Rick Corwin - 35 Year Veteran/Vic Firth Team Drum Educator

"THE best and most user friendly book for the beginning drummer! Awesome! :-) " - Linda McDonald, Award-Winning Drummer of The Iron Maidens

"DrumOpedia by Dan Britt is one of those books that fall into the category 'Drum Books That Are A Must.'" - Lou Gervey, Sam Ash Manager

"Drumopedia is definitely one of the number one drum books for the beginning drummer!! Awesome!!" - Joel Fortin - Drum Educator, Quebec, Canada

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