Beginner Drum Set & Drum Instruction Books I Use With Students

Drumming Books for Hand Technique, Beginning Drumset, Reading & Rudiments - Learn to Play The Drums!

*Drum Class Method Vol 1 & 2 by Alyn Heim

These books are excellent. I have been using it for a long time with students. It is very comfortable to use with students, it's incremental, and it allows them to learn the basic notation and rudiments of snare drum.

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*Syncopation by Ted Reed

Syncopation is a classic in the drumming world. What is great about it is it goes through quarter notes, 8th notes, syncopation, 16th notes, 8ths with 16ths, triplets, accents, etc, and it does so in a way where the student can repeat the rhythm in a section, then move on to the next similar (but slightly different) one, then play a page where it combines the variations.

It is great for learning how to read and how to play popular rhythms.

Many instructors have devised numerous additional ways a student can go through the book as well (e.g., left hand plays the page/rhythms while the right hand plays an ostinato pattern).

*Drumset for Preschoolers by Andy Ziker

Those teaching young students know what a challenge it can be - at this young age, they need a special approach - and Andy's book has this.

I started using Drumset for Preschoolers with my little students and I am getting great results. The concept I have applied is the popular, kid-friendly songs - they work great because the children are familiar with and enjoy the songs - and at the same time, they are learning notation such as quarter, 8th, 16th, Dotted 8th/16th notes, etc. Moreover, through his concept, they are conditioning their hands and building rhythmic vocabulary, since they are playing a combination of rhythms.

Andy also explains "Copy Cat", an excellent game that the kids love, which I have been using for years!

I am looking forward to applying more of the book in the future.

Thanks to Andy for a great book that helps both the teacher and child!

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*Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone

Stick Control is such a classic amongst drummers everywhere. It is great for hand conditioning, and written in a way that one plays the same rhythm over and over - but with various stickings, thus making it more interesting and challenging - while one is engaging in repetition which develops control, endurance, speed and power.

Many have taken the first 3 pages and devised several additional ways to apply these exercises. Others have applied the book to their feet. Many have also developed proper ergonomic/efficiency stroke motions first (e.g., Free Stroke/Rebound), and then applied it to the exercises in this book while using a metronome for one minute straight.

*The Art of Drumming - Reading Text in 4/4 by Matt Patella

Matt has been teachings drums for over 50 years and studied with the great Joe Morello. This book is great for learning to read notation and rhythms!

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*Killer Fillers by James Morton

It is a great book I use with students so they learn fills and movement around the drums. There are tons of exercises, so this will be great for going in to the students' muscle memories!

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*Drumopedia: A Handbook for Beginning Drumset

I wrote this book based on my experience of what challenges beginner drummers had, and learning to break it down to simple elements to increase the probability that they learn to play the drums with the least possible obstacle.

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*Its Your Move by Dom Famularo with Joe Bergamini

This is more of an intermediate and advanced book, but it doesnt hurt to get a beginner exposed to and practicing the free stroke. The first 30 pages alone contains some of the best explanation/instructions/diagrams for developing ergonomic hand technique with economy of motions that I have seen. This is largely a culmination and building on of the great historic hand technicians (Moeller, Stone, Morello, Chapin) and much more -- More specifically, it is about the concepts (free stroke and moeller included) that can bring your playing to the level of utmost control, speed, power and control of your hands -- and goes into great depth in text about them, its benefits and also includes helpful pictures. Dom not only brings it altogether (hand technique) via the aforementioned, but adds to it by putting his own development for modern playing (half and full moeller). Years ago, Dom studied with both Morello and Chapin.

Explanation of ergonomic concepts such as efficiency, economy of motion, effectiveness and relaxation are also very helpful. The text also includes practice tips and interesting history. I used this book as the basis for a state conference presentation on hand technique. For me, this is the bible of hand technique.

What's great is the same ideas in this book can be applied to, and are very useful for the feet.

*Rhythm 101

Like Drumopedia, I wrote this book to make learning as simple as I can in the notation/rhythmic fashion. This contains 101 Rhythms that I wanted my students to internalize. The rhythms are in very big print to make things easier!

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