Some Audio Clips from Jeff's Drum Lesson Tapes

(Some of the audio quality is lost in the transferring, but the quality of his playing is not!)

From Some of the Buddy Rich Series Tapes:

Jeff's Intro on a Buddy Series
Demonstrating a Buddy Concept!
Up to Tempo - Learned from a Buddy Video!
Deliberate Gear Shifting & The Later Players
Snares On Playing
Snares Off Playing
Inverted Double Application
Al Miller Double Stroke Interpretation
Jeff offers Step-by-Step Advice and Encouragement
Breaking up Patterns & Teasing the Sequence in the Improv
Vaudeville & Treating the Kit like an Orchestra

From Some of the Accented Demolition Killer Rolls Studies:

Demolition Killer Rolls Example!
Another Example from Demolition Killer Rolls
Another Example!
Al Miller Double Stroke Interpretation Elaboration

From a Tommy Aldridge Power Bass Drum Series Tape:

Jeff's Intro on a Tommy Aldridge Series
Beginning Exercise on Tommy Aldridge
Incorporating a Deliberate Drag Bonham Feel
Closing Remarks

From a Carl Palmer + Buddy Rich Power Rolls Tape:

Swiss Flam Military Sound
Jeff talks about Effective Combinations of Concepts
Now with a Morello/Krupa Influence!
Now with a Triplet Feel Explanation and Faster!
Jeff speaks of the Master, Joe Morello, and strategies to break down this one!
Jeff offers help & speaks of the realities of counting 32nd Notes and accented patterns
A Tom-tom application with a Cobham feel
Expanding on an application

From an Alex Van Halen Bits & Pieces Tape:

Jeff talks about Alex adapting some Bonham into his own Genetic Ajenda
Jeff pays tribute to Alex
Alex's sawed-off ride
A sawed-off application
Some extra commentary and encouragement
Some Alex-Inclined Riding Patterns

From a John Bonham Tape:

D'yer Maker & Kashmir Feels

From a Chad Smith Bits & Pieces Tape:

A 5-Stroke Funky Application

From a Gene Krupa Bits & Pieces Tape:

Gene Krupa Intro
Some Playing and Where to Find a Krupa Video
Incorporating a Bonham/Gadd Paradiddle Approach
Incorporating a 9-Stroke Roll!
One of the stickings of the Great Krupa
Jeff speaks about the "Melodic Krupa" and offers a pattern
What a Great Feel! And an Explanation on Krupa's Drumset
A Krupa Hi-Hat Trademark!

From Big Daddy Motown Beats:

A Funky Beat
A Faster Funky Beat
Incorporating a Delieberate Drop in Time, influenced by Tony Williams
An Emotional Quarter Note Triplet Introduction, followed by some Bonham Foot Beats!
Contrasting 8ths on Hi-Hats to a very Funky, Sizzled, Loose Quarter Feel! Funky!
Closing Remarks & Singing!

Creative Applications of George L. Stone's Stick Control:


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